LEGO Ninjago Christmas 2011 expected bestseller

Who doesnt like LEGO right? And with video games and the Internet taking over more of our own and childrens lives there is something nice about putting together something yourself or with your kids to then use your imagination or interact… for a periods of time at least but yes there is a iphone download as a backup.

If Ninjago is not your thing they have really overhauled the current series of packages available to suit and especially tailored girl related ranges.

Lego Ninjago 3 in 1 pack ideal giftLego Ninjago Blacksmith Shop

Four young ninjas against a Skeleton Army … the skeletons don’t stand a chance. The ninjas are trained in the ancient art of Spinjitzu; a powerful martial art where a ninja moves so fast, he becomes a tornado of motion.

A Skeleton Army is attacking Ninjago.
There’s a rumor that Lord Garmadon has returned, but that’s impossible.
He’s only a legend; a dark and terrible legend told to scare little children who misbehave.
But what if he’s real? What if he’s returned?
Legend says, long ago before time had a name, Lord Garmadon tried to destroy Ninjago; to break it apart with the Power of Destruction. But before he could, his brother Wu, a Spinjitzu Master saved us all by banishing Garmadon to the Underworld.
As I said, it is just a legend.
But still, the Skeleton Army is real, so where is the Spinjitzu Master
Who will save us now?