My Keepon

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This little cute robot loves to boogie down to any type of music you play. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cd, an instrument you play or your clapping hands. It’ll keep moving and grooving til the music stops. It comes with touch sensors all over and will react to touch, poking or tickling by showing you his mood and trying to find where the poking is coming from. Just like a real pet, when My Keepon wakes up, it will immediately try to grab your attention.

The My Keepon was one of the most popular requests in the run up to Christmas 2011.

Originally designed to help autistic kids this 10 inch high robot may have no arms. What is does have is a sense of rhythm it reacts to music, turning its head it just involves kids and is hard not to join in.

My Keepon also has the backing of Toys R Us which are so confident in they have purchased the exclusive U.S. rights to sell the My Keepon Robot. My Keepon will be in stores from Mid October and it has been tipped by many to be this years Christmas best-seller priced at $49.99!!.

What does My Keepon actually do?
The tiny microphone in My Keepons nose allows him to hear the music you play or even the rhythms you make yourself. My Keepon listens for the tempo of the music and matches the beat with an uncanny sense of timing. Youll never get tired of watching My Keepon dance to any style of music, from slow ballads to pop music.
Each performance is an original and unique interpretation. With an array of touch sensors underneath his playful textured skin, My Keepon responds to poking, patting, squeezing or tickling by looking around, showing his mood and making expressive sounds. As soon as My Keepon wakes up, he wants to play and will try to attract your attention.