Max Mindpower

Max Mindpower is also known as the Max Mind Power Bear, these bears other a different experience and is a bear that plays four guided mindfulness meditations. So it can breathe along to each and is the perfect meditation teacher for children of all ages. So if you want to try and get your kids involved or quiet whilst you take your 15mins of meditation time. Why not try this through his rhyming book series Max introduces children to their emotions depicted as 30 colourful characters

To appeal to kids of all ages you can pick from two different Bears, Max Junior who is for the under six-year-old users and Max Senior for the over 6’s, who both have a very traditional ‘teddy’ look and feel.

Max Mindpower Senior Soft Bear Toy Max Mindpower Junior Mindfulness Toy Bear

Both bears play a total of four built-in guided meditations and even breathe along. So much detail and design has gone into this to enable the user to really engage with the meditations.

Along with the bears, their book series will also be joining them. In Max’s book series, he comes to life and shows children how to use mindfulness in everyday situations including playtime. This is done through storytelling which we forget is a really powerful tool, as it shows children how to put things into context.
Each storybook is based on a different emotion which is depicted as a colourful character and, as the children in the stories go through different situations an emotion appears!

Max Junior’s first series has a total of 8 stories all about primary emotions, while Max Senior’s first series features 30 different primary and secondary emotions!  Max Mindpower Junior Mindfulness With Book