Xeno Blue Toy similar to Furby

Xeno Interactive Toy

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Xeno is an alternative to the ever-popular Furbys which have been dominating the last few Christmas toy seasons. So if Furbys freaked you out a little too much perhaps a Xeno may fit the bill. To me if it is a cross between a Furby/Doll and a huge Koosh Ball style as it has so many strands in just the same way that Koosh did from my Childhood.

  • Cute interactive Monster offering a play experience unlike any other.
  • Range of movements and emotions with LCD-based graphic eyes with over 40 different expressions.
  • Eight touch sensors and audio inputs.
  • Multiple Xeno’/Child minigames.
  • Xeno’ can communicate with his Xeno’ friends.

Xeno Burnt Orange Toy similar to FurbyXeno Blue Toy similar to Furby  Xeno Purple Toy similar to Furby




The Xenos are an interactive cheeky baby monster, the type of which that live under kids’ beds. And like Furby, it has digital eyes that offer over 40 different expressions based on the toy’s emotional state.

Unlike Furby though, Xeno has a rubbery-feel exterior and comes with eight touch sensors and audio inputs. He also has a number of animatronics that bring him to life, and while not essential, you can use a dedicated application to extend playtime with extra functionality.

Other Xeno friends will be introduced that the monster can interact with.

Available now July 2014 priced at ~$105/£79.99 Would Lego make a great gift view the latest range here LEGO UK