Toys on Santa list 2013

The postal company Royal Mail in the UK has revealed the presents children have been asking for this year from the letters children have been sending to Father Christmas, Santa, Santa Claus, you know who, the big guy etc.

The presents children really want this year include Lego and One Direction merchandise featuring topping the list.

Royal Mail said it analysed letters from over 200,000 uk children, before they flew and delivered them to the North Pole –

The most requested toy children asked for in their Santa letters was Lego so a traditional toy, one of the latest items Xbox one was 9th place so it shows that younger children still prefer traditional and productive toys and not always tablets, and tech which if we are honest is a tad beyond their age group.

In at number three was the Furby, 4th Moshi Monsters, then Monster High, then Sofia the first talking doll.

Number 7 Doc McStuffiins Doctor’s bag, 8th Nerf guns, then the Xbox one, and then in at 10 Peppa Pig.