Toy stock 2013 Christmas seems ok at the moment…

Some people are saying that this year with a mixed bag of different toys and electronics a outright hard to find toy or gift may not happen this year. I’m not that convinced as there always seems to be stock delays or hold ups especially within the last 7-10 days when some stores always seem to be surprised by high demand.

However they could have a point,  this year for many a big expense is dominated by the head to head of Sony PS4 and the X-Box One from Microsoft a lot of people will opt for this as the main present this year due to the cost and the knowing that they will use/own for ~10 years.

Tablets were also massive last year and have continued through this year with many new versions of basically very similar specs to iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 7’s etc.
So with the arrival of latest consoles and some people likely happy with their current tablet these will both appeal to many and also put off many until the price comes down.

So for parents and others looking for other toys this Christmas they may opt for the Furby Boom, or other toys which were expected to be the best-sellers this season now looking around most variations are in stock but many seem to be low stock.

Also sales of traditional toys like board games, bikes, and scooters are still strong even in the winter season.