Barbie Care Clinic Playset

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You have to give it to her Barbie seems to have every Christmas or Birthday covered for those Barbie loving girls or boys and latest is the Barbie Care Clinc Playset, also out this toy season is the Barbie Plane so either can help you enjoy Barbie adventure time and of course trying to eep all the items and accessories inside the unit is always fun… Or instead have a small case or bag to go with it makes carrying Barbie essentials much easier.

If you open the left side of the vehicle and pull down the yellow couch or sofa depending on where you from you can transform it into a waiting room, complete with a fish tank. Behind the fish tank there’s a mini gift shop, where you can buy a balloon or a teddy bear for Barbie’s patients.

Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle 2019

The vehicle’s right-side transforms into a clinic, with an x-ray machine, eye test and adjustable bed.

With over 15 pieces in the set, there’s plenty of accessories for Barbie to look after her patients.

Contents of Barbie Care Clinc Set

Pack up the vehicle and press the button to sound the siren and jet off at speed ready for any Barbie saving emergencies!