Blume Series 1 Surprise Doll Toy

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Roll up roll up read all about toys and a possible new must have toy to keep your children entertained and Introducing Blume this could be the latest collectible craze! And will aim to give the L.O.L. brand a run for its money.

Blume dolls come packaged hidden inside their flower pots, so then you just need to add water to the Blume pot, and watch them grow and bloom right before your eyes! Who new gardening was so fast.

Blume Doll S1 Image Toy

Each Blume Doll comes with crazy squishy hair that matches their distinctive personalities, outfits and styles. If you don’t like the outfit? You can mix and match, accessories & friends between the dolls with ease.

Each Blume Doll Pot comes with 10 surprises, including accessories, stickers, mini-playsets and a surprise friend for your Blume, which is lovely. You can also combine this toy with a garden playset and expand the surprises and actions with the larger garden playset from Blume.

Dont forget features:

  • 10 Blume surprises in each pack
  • Mix and match outfits and accessories

Simply Water the ‘seeds’ and watch it bloom in-front of your kids eyes.

22 dolls to collect if you would like in this first series.

Specifications of Blume Surprise Doll Toy from Skyrocket Toys
Age: 3 – 10 years
Not suitable for children under 36 months