Disney Sued Again infridgement of huggable bear

The one and only Disney Enterprises is being sued again, this time the issue centres around one of the characters used in the the 2010 film Toy Story 3. In the movie a villain was a fluffy purple bear called Lotso.

The naming of Lotso is the main focus of dispute for NJ based toy company Diece-Lisa Ind (DLI) – As according to them they have a licensed, patented and protected trademark line of cuddly toys named ‘Lots of Hugs’ and have held this since 1995. They claim the Lotso character in the film is a copy and imitation of its line of protected toy range.

So it is taking action for infringements and unfair competition, sources claim that Disney knew about the toy range before film production began because they had given part of its hugging tech to the Henson Company to use in a line of huggable stuffed toys. – Henson is a company which is owned by Disney.