Fingerlings – Monkey, Dinosaurs, Unicorns and more

Fingerlings are a very popular collective toy and came out in 2017 a number of different animals and characters are available and this includes Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Monkeys. Monkeys were the first and are still one of the most popular.

This is going to be one toy that you’ll want to buy while you still can. Fingerlings quickly became the musthavetoy of 2017 and have continued to be popular into 2018 and the urgency to get your hands on one of these collectable, interactive, crazy cute toys. Newer cuddly versions called Fingerlings Hugs are available for 2018 and are already proving hard to find this season for 2018.

Fingerlings Raptor Gohst Gray Fingerlings Monkey Eddie

Fingerlings (suitable for age five and up) will react to sound, motion, and touch. They can turn their head, blink their eyes, and make adorable baby monkey sounds. Over 40 animations bring these baby monkeys to life. They will cling to pretty much anything: a finger, a notebook, a pen, a spoon, and so much more. Kids can swing them by their tail, pet them, or rock them to sleep.

So many different types to collect and keep the craze going from the popular Baby Unicorn Fingerlings who love to grab onto things… which means especially your fingers! This unique little pet responds to you with special unicorn noises in response to sound, motion & touch. She will let you know how she feels with her blinking eyes and head turns. You’ll get different reactions if you pet her, rock her to sleep, or hold her upside down. If you blow your unicorn a kiss, she will kiss you right back! You can also brush her soft rainbow mane and tail, and she has a tiny horseshoe on her rump. Magical friendship at your fingertips!- Awww right, hmmm maybe lol, maybe not.