Nintendo GameCube (2001-2007)

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Nintendo GameCube was a 128-bit console which launched in Japan in
September 14, 2001 and in North America November 5, 2001. The Game Cube was formed by a team of engineers, who previously worked on the graphics hardware of the highly successful Nintendo 64 console which followed the SNES. The team company partnered with Nintendo and began to build on this by developing the whole system logic and graphics backend, they formed partnerships with IBM for the CPU.

Nintendo GameCube Console

Just before the Nintendo GameCube release date resources were focused resources to the other product of the Game Boy Advance which was the later version to the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color which were massive hits for Nintendo.

Some games which were going to be released for the N64 were held and instead made ready to help push the GameCube launch. Games included such as The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, part of these was to ensure that the Game Boy Advance could be used together and or use the handheld as a secondary screen and controller when connected to the console via a link cable.

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