Glo Worm

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Glo Worm was a stuffed toy released in 1982 by Hasbro Playskool arm and was aimed at young children. The Glo Worm soft worm like body contained a small battery, when squeezed the toy would light up the vinyl toys head from with a soft glow.

The toy proved very popular and a number of books, night lights and merchandise followed and continued through till 1990.

In 2005 the range received bad press when the plastic head design was found to contain phthalates within the plastic to increase durability, these can be dangerous if swallowed by kids, at the time these were used in many plastic toys and are now phased out.

Based on the Glo style and success of the Glo Worm, in 1986 Playskool released a number of Glo toys which were made of soft vinyl they were referred to as Glo-Friends and were so successful that the Wendy restaurant chain commissioned a range of 12 vinyl toys in 1989 for a promotion.