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Buckaroo is a children’s game where you take turns and use your skill to take turns in placing small items and hooking, securing, sitting them on a mule without the mule being knocked or vibrations which can make the mule kick/trigger the spring inside and the items will be thrown off and the player loses that round of the game.

Buckaroo was always a favourite game of mine, because it included chance, anticipation and small amount of skill in which items would you pick and see if you could balance them and outwit the other players. It was similar in respect of a trigger/spring system to the Pop-up Pirate toy which was also quite good and also very frustrating at the same time if you were on a losing streak.

Buckaroo was originally released in 1970 and made by Milton Bradley a Hasbro company. In the original versions the horse or mule was white in color in future versions this was changed to a brown version. What was the mules name I hear you ask? Why the mule was named Roo or Buck of course.

Front Box Cover of Buckaroo Game Modern day MB Buckaroo Mule




So the starting position is the mule is pushed down and is standing on all four feet and has a blanket attached. Players take turns choosing an item and deciding where to place it so that it remains connected or hanging from the mule. They must do this very gently so that the spring system is not knocked or triggered by too much vibration or movement.

If the mule is triggered the spring will cause it to buck on its front legs and the placed items will be thrown off and that player is out.

Some of the items which you can try and place on your Buckaroo mule after the saddle which includes a number of fixing places include:

  • a a stick of dynamite
  • a crate (rifle box)
  • a frying pan
  • a cowboy hat
  • a guitar
  • a holster (holster with gun)
  • a lantern (lamp)
  • a rope
  • a canteen (water bottle)
  • a shovel
  • a bedroll

The game itself usually has three different levels of sensitivity and can be adjusted to make it a little bit harder or easier.

  • Load up the mule and see how much he can carry
  • Watch out, he might buck at any time
  • Features 3 new levels of game play
  • For 2-4 players
  • Manufacturer’s recommended age: 4 years +

There was also a Toy Story 3 version of Buckaroo to coincide with the movie release.