The Simpsons 25th Birthday results in cool new toys and LEGO sets

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The iconic Simpsons series from Twentieth Century Fox celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. And it has been announced that NECA will release a limited edition range of figures, collectibles, novelty items, and apparel merchandise, based around 25 of the greatest celebrity guest stars to appear on The Simpsons.

The first figures will be available in March 2014, with further groups of five released each quarter of this year in limited numbers.

Homer Simpson Mr Potato Head Toy

A deal has also been announced with Promotional Partners Worldwide which will see Homer Simpson immortalised as a Mr Potato Head toy! I think this is quite cool and I would certainly buy a homer potato head if I had a child at the target age. The product will be six inches in height and feature his iconic white shirt, blue trousers, and donut.

UPDATE: Homer Simpson Mr Potato  Head is now available here Amazon
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In addition to figures and potato head, Mattel will release two Hot-Wheels die-cast toys.

Mattel will release two Hot Wheels die-cast celebratory ‘The Homer’ vehicles. Honby Scalextric will release The Simpsons Grand Prix racing set around March 2014.

And following in the huge smash hit of the LEGO Movie, a limited edition of Simpsons Mini Figures will also be released to appeal to fans of both Simpsons and LEGO.

And in reply the Simpsons on Fox will air a one off special episode of The Simpsons which is made just from LEGO, this should air in May 2014.