The Pillow IQ Brick 1014 block Rubiks Cube

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The Pillow is a 13x13x13 brick which has been produced by a US gadget firm who may of just come up with the most mind hurting Rubiks cube ever. The six sided cube and 3D puzzle has a total of 1,014 colorful blocks, so of course the aim which has the same aim as the Rubik cube, mix it up good and then be able to match up the rows of blocks… simple.

pillow 13x13x13 iq brick complete twisted pillow 13x13x13 iq brick complete

The original Rubik cube was invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik an Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, I wonder if he would of thought the massive increase in blocks…

The gadget maker Brando claim that the pillow is a great tool for brain training and is also good for creative thinking and improving IQ.

A likely limitation of sales numbers is the price point, it is unlikely to be a stocking filler or a birthday present with a whopping price tage of $320/£200, wow.