Looney tune tazo selection


Tazos are round circular disks, which were found in packets of chips/crisps as a gift or give a way toy and collectable. They were made by Frito-Lay and its numerous subsidiaries around the world. Tazos started out similar to Pogs, whereby each Tazo contained a score value, and a game was played to ‘win’ Tazos from other players. Some series feature small incisions around the outside, allowing players to fit them together and build things.

Looney tune tazo selection

Tazos have been released in several different formats, ranging from the original circular disks, to octagonal disks, and in later years, to resemble more of a collectible card series.

The Star Wars series also included additional pieces which allowed players to construct notable space ships.

Looney Tunes, and Starwars were memorable brands using featured during the mid 1990’s.