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USA Edition of Monopoly

Monopoly Board Game

Everyone knows about the game Monopoly where you buy landmarks and hotels and take chance, try and avoid jail and travel round the board trying to avoid landing on opponents property’s. Many different versions exsist and the properties used are normally based on the location or film/TV featured.

USA Edition of Monopolymonopoly-lord-of-the-rings

The game consists of forty spaces on the outside edge of the board, with twenty-eight properties, three chance spaces, three community chest, four corners, Go, Jail amongst others.

monopoly-hobbitDoctor Who fun with Monopoly continue reading>>

Flying Frisbee Firevision

Nerf Firevision Sports Flyer

Who doesnt enjoy a Frisbee game or throwing games in general why not consider the new frisbee like offering from Nerf. Fancy playing in the late evening and twilight well you can with this Sports Flyer simply wear the bundled glasses and the disc will light up as clear as day. Of course just take a bit more care as hedges, trees and other obstacles will not be illuminated.

Flying Frisbee FirevisionGreen Glasses Nerf Firevision

So how does it work well when the flyer is in the air it uses part of the energy to illuminate a give a bright glow. continue reading>>

Snakes and Ladders aka Chutes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is known worldwide (aka Chutes and Ladders) originates from an Ancient Indian game.  First released by MB games and later on by Hasbro it is a board game for 2 or more players.  Players roll a dice and move their piece on the board.  Landing on a Snake (or Chute) means that the players piece moves back squares and Ladders allow the players piece to move up squares.  The first player to reach the end square  wins. The Ancient Indian origin symbolises help and hindrance to life, symbolised by the Snakes and Ladders.  The game is available in numberous editions including many cartoon charecters aswell as electronic versions. continue reading>>

Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon were invented by a passionate 16-year-old Italian boy called Antonio Pasion, in the 1920’s he was among the millions who immigrated to America from Europe. He was a skilled carpenter and headed to Chicago. He began to construct small red wagons out of stamped pressed metal and by 1923 he had saved enough to form the Liberty Coaster Company.

Soon after he began mass-producing the radio flyer red wagons for under $3. Countless children have enjoyed playing with the Radio Flyer Wagon pulling friends or moving things and now the range has expanded to small-large wagons, tricycle and even wheelbarrow with prices from $20 upwards. continue reading>>

Water Balloons

Water Balloons were created by a English inventor Edgar Ellington in 1950 who was creating a waterproof sock using latex and cotton. After filling his creation with water to test its quality, he noticed a small stream of water leaking from the side. As he threw the water-filled sock down onto the table in anger, it burst — and so a second idea was born. Not long after, Ellington’s “water grenades” were the first water balloons to hit the market.

These Balloons were always a favourite in the summer, I just wish I was better at tiring the knots in them before they went off in my hands. continue reading>>

Wooden Toys still proving popular in modern times

Wooden Lawn Mower Push Toy, it is surprising but great to see some toys keep the tradition of simple and nonflashy, no LCD screens. Wooden toys can still be found in most toy stores but that is on the decline and the amount of choice is changing. However, some toys are making a fight back with many Made in the USA and home countries promoting self-made and developed traditional style. Sure its a start but come on why give your kids the latest tech all the time let them play on there own or in groups and take turns or race… at least a tiny bit: continue reading>>

White version Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Oven

Launched in 1963 and one of Hasbro’s top-selling items in the following decades and still respectable sales in current times. Easy-Bake ovens continue to be used some 50 years later. Over 30 million ovens have been sold and over 150 million mix refills used and counting.

Invented by designers from Kenner Products now owned by Hasbro the first oven was turquoise and included a fake stove top and included a carrying handle. 500,000 were sold @ $15.95 in the first five years.

Many children’s first baking experience was using an Easy-Bake oven. They allowed kids to pretend to be grown up by having their own cooking set and with the ingredients allowed them to experience the awe of mixing and then a short time later tasting their creations… and if they had some left decorating them. continue reading>>